Automated system for the creation of electronic journals, "SPRINT"

Function, field of application

The information system allows you to create electronic scientific periodicals (magazines), the SPRINT automates the full cycle of preparation and production of the magazine, starting with the reception of articles and scientific peer review to the publication of the output and export to external systems (for example, in Science Citation Index, such as DOI or DOAJ)​​.
Description of project

The system is a Web application that contains the offices of the user:

  • Author's cabinet (allows you to create a system of articles and send them to the editor for publication).
  • Editor's office (allows you to manage issues of the journal, view articles received, assign them to reviewers and proofreaders to edit various configuration options of the journal, view usage statistics system, etc..).
  • The Cabinet of the reviewer (allows criticizing translated into stage review articles. Reviewing is a profile with a set of questions that allow you to take the decision to publish the article received, refusing to accept or return the article for revision).
  • Cabinet of corrector (allows you to make changes in the content and formatting of articles accepted for publication).
  • Cabinet of ystem Manager (allows you to manage system settings and users of the system).

In addition to these offices, the system includes functionality that allows the publication:

  • Different information materials (articles, news, content sliders) on the website of the journal
  • Search of published articles, authors, issues
  • Generate pdf and rtf versions of the articles
  • To export data to external systems (RISC, DOAJ, DOI, etc..)

technology implementation

The system is implemented as a web-application. Means of implementation - the language of PHP, Mysql database or Oracle.

The system is available as a boxed version or cloudy. Boxed version allows you to install on your own server on the Internet by paying a one-time license to use. Cloud version allows you to use the system on the server of the manufacturer, paying a regular monthly fee.
Contact Information

For more information about the system are presented on the official website:

All projects and developments

Project participation in exhibitions

  • XX International exhibition "High technologies. Innovations. Investments"

Awards and achievements of the project

  • medal_serebro.pngSilver medal XX International exhibition "High technologies. Innovations. Investments" for the best innovative project and the best scientific and technical development of the year.

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