The software package of prognostic modeling of stuffing requirements of Russia’s economy

Function, field of application

The software package «PROGNOSiS» is meant for making numerical calculations of characteristics of labour resources in the subjects of Russian Federation. PROGNOSiS allows performing calculations of the following socioeconomic indexes for the prognostic 10 years’ period:

  • The prognosis of the number of occupied and the range of the annual additional stuffing requirement.
  • The prognosis of the annual issues of the professional education system.
  • The composition of the requirement’s balance and the issues the education system.
  • The forming of the project of the optimized and checking figures of the receive.
  • The prognosis of the balance of the labour resources.

Details of the prognostic indexes by sectors:

  • Territories (country, subjects of the federation, metropolitan region);
  • Sectors of economy;
  • Types of the economic activity;
  • Levels of the professional education;
  • Aggregative groups of specialities;
  • Specialities, directions of training and professions.

Detailed information is on the MMSED Centre’s (the centre of modeling and monitoring of socioeconomic dynamics): website:

Legal protection

The certificate of registration of programme for computer "PROGNOSiS" № 2010613230 dated 17.05.2010 г.

The certificate of registration of the database "PROGNOSiS" №2010620287 dated 17.05.2010 г.

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