The recognizer of the fire on the video


The function of the device: pointing fire-fighting robot to the source of the naked flame; the work as a fire-alarm box. The stage of the development: test sample.



  • The time of fire detection – 5 seconds.
  • The minimal detected fire’s area– 10х10 pixels.
  • The work in different light conditions– day/night.
  • Stability to the false signals – «flashers».

The development of the project

  • 2012 year- The programming model was developed in Simulink (Matlab)
  • 2013 year- The piloting of the device based on the debugging board (Altera Cyclone V)
  • 2014 year- Designing of the proper integrated device, setting of the test sample in the museum-preserve «Kizhi»

Cooperation with enterprises

  • «The centre of the fire robotics «EFER»

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