Transistor-diode elements on basis of multiphase oxide materials with metal-insulator transition

Function, field of application

Use of developed elements in bipolar and field transistor diode elements, which realize «metal-insulator transition» effect for electronics.

Electronic component base for new electronic devices of information technologies and telecommunication.

Solid state information tank with high capacity, analog flash drive storage device; diode and transistor structures, analog diode and transistor structures on basis of amorphous silicon and polysilicon.

Description of the project

Variants of workable transistor-diode structures:

240_1.jpg - structure of charge-injection transistor with swing check valve. The channel is controlled due to soft disruption of thin layer of dielectric and avalanche injection of drivers to the channel;

240_2.jpg- structure of charge-injection transistor with p – n interface. The channel is controlled due to injection of drivers to the channel through p – n interface, it decreases turn-on voltage of device;

240_3.jpg- heterostructure p-Si-VO2-Me and its I–V curve. Measuring was carried out by sinusoidal signal with frequency 100 Hz with limiting resistor in circuit- 10 kiloohm. In I-V curve we can see effect of rectification, which is caused by formation of p-n interface in the boundary p-Si – n-VO2.

Competitive advantage

  • Electronic control of the channel.
  • Short time of operation (units of picoseconds).
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Compatibility with traditional silicic technology.

Scheme of commercialization

  • Transfer of technology, sale of a licence.
  • For electronic devices of small integration, which use workable electronic components, after search of marketing «niches», creation of manufacture.

Legal protection

  • Patent RF for the invention №2392694 «Method of getting photovoltaic element» dated 20.06.2010.
  • Patent RF for the invention №2468471 «Method of getting nonvolatile memory element » dated 27.11.2012.
  • Patent RF for the invention №2470409 «Method for getting diode on basis of niobium oxide» dated 20.12.2012.
  • The certificate of state registration of programme for computer № 2012618514 «Programme for getting and processing of data of electrophysical measuring «VA researcher1.1»» dated 19.09.2012.

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