Innovative technics and technology for harvesting of timber and energy wood

Proposed modernization of felling-area works process provides with effective harvesting of timber and technogenic formations of felling-area works for the use of them in bioenergy.

  • increase of concentration of felling-area works recoverable resources for their following conversion into chip of energy application;
  • increase of working efficiency in tree-felling in 1.5 times;
  • economic effect (in comparison with the complex of Harvester-forwarder machines) – 100–120 million rub./cu. m per 1 million. cu. m of timber and energy wood harvesting;
  • decrease of cost price by presented technology in 2 times.
Legal protection:
    • Patent for the useful model «Felling-skidding-processor machine» № 94111 (dated 02.12.2009).
    • Patent for invention «Method of felling-area works operation by integrated machine » № 24263030 (dated 18.03.2009).


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