Resource saving production of environmentally safe transport and shipping sets for storage and transference of discharged fuel

Field of application

Nuclear fuel cycle of atomic branch, transference and temporary storage of spent nuclear fuel

Novelty, advantages

Unique transport and shipping set (TSS) with container for discharged fuel (DCF) of reactors ВВЭР-1000 (ВВЭР-1200).

The body of container is made of ductile cast iron. Container has a high capacity – not less than 18 spent fuel assembly with maximum burn up fraction up to 70 GWt•day/tU and afterheat output up to 40 kW.

Container has two impermeability barriers, equipped with solid neutron shield.

Container complies with all the requirements IAGATE ST-1 and standard documents, which work in Russia to construction of packing of В(U) regarding maintenance of dealing with fission nuclear materials.

Decrease of DCF’s amount, which are kept at atomic power stations.

Decrease of transport expenses during shipping of DCF by 20-30 %.

Stage of development: preparation for full-scale production.
Cooperation with enterprisers

The project is realized by PetrSU and “Petrozavodskmash” Ltd with funding from the Ministry of education and science of RF within the frameworks of realization of RF’s Government decree № 218-FL.

Legal protection- patents of RF for useful model:
  • «Damper container’s device for storage and transference of discharged fuel» № 114739 dated 10.04.2012;
  • «Container’s device for storage and transference of discharged fuel» № 115119 dated 20.04.2012;
  • «Container’s damper for storage and transference of discharged fuel» № 118788 dated 27.07.2012;
  • « Container’s device for storage and transference of discharged fuel» № 118464 dated 20.07.2012;
  • «Protective and damping container’s device» № 118620 dated 27.07.2012;
  • «Damping container’s device» № 121639 dated 27.10.2012.

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