Development and production of smart devices and distributed network systems on their basis

The subject of implemented works: antenna-feeder path, hardware, network infrastructure, mathematical methods of data processing and optimization of calculation, application software, netware, sound subsystem, processing of information from detectors, components of systems and detectors.
Field of application
Industrial and home automation, connection and telecommunication, distributed detectors’ networks, distant access and equipment control.
Competitive advantages
Full development cycle of devices and complexes from design to production (production control) of small batches of devices.

All the decisions are as far as possible fulfilled in modular form and are easily integrated with all the systems of third-party enterprises.

The team consists of high-qualified engineers, seven candidates of science.

Maximum use of free distributed firmware for production’s development.
The scheme of commercialization
Service for third-party enterprises in the field of development of smart devices and systems, design and setup of antenna-feeder paths (full cycle or special works).

Distribution of orders at third-party enterprises, creation and selling of invariant developed solutions. The customer of works provide technical assignment for development and creation microelectric device, on which basis work is implemented and acceptance certificate of implemented work is drew up. Received model or prototype of a device is a custom’s property. Work is fulfilled definitely on the contract base.

Development of collaboration with the closed joint stock company «RTL-Service» and other customers in the field of development of new equipment and hardware and software suites.
Legal protection
Patent of RF №2432581 "The way of radio center location, system of radio center location and data processing node" dated 27.10.2011.

The certificate of state registration of programme for computer № 2011611818 "Software for evaluation of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of radiotransmission between recievers nanoNET 5360 and similar to them " dated 12.01.2011.

The certificate of state registration of programme for computer № 2011617500 "Integrated software of programmed power module on basis of microcontroller of AVR class" dated 27.09.2011.

The certificate of state registration of programme for computer № 2011617642 "Software of temperature meter on basis of detector DS1820 and its prototypes" dated 30.09.2011.

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