Electrically insulated coatings on aluminum of different form, which provide exploitation under extreme conditions


Function of the project – creation of new anodising technology for production of oxide isolation on aluminium components of different form (wire, duct), intended for the use under extreme conditions of exploitation (high temperature, humidity, radiation background, aggressive atmosphere) of different types of equipment, especially for contact system of electric transport.

Key point of technology – transformation of prime cellular oxide coating into nanocomposite coating

Advantages of electrically insulated coating
  • Elasticity of oxide coating with high adhesion to metal base;
  • High dielectric strength at alternative current;
  • Water-, heat- andradioresistance;              
  • Environmentally friendly and cheap technology of production;
  • Production can be organizes in enterprises with existing galvanic production.
Stage of development
  1. Automated system for electrically insulated coatings formation on aluminum wire or duct is created and provides an ability of variation of process parameters. (current, force, temperature).
  2. Technology of double-reduction anodizing of details made of alumimium and its alloys of free form, which let create on their surface insulating barrier with thickness 10-50 mcm, which can withstand voltage up to 2.5kV, and be operated at voltage up 1kV in conditions of high humidity, radiation background, heat up to 600оС.
  3. Laboratory prototypes of aluminum wire and duct with a developed electroinsulaing coating are produced.
Legal protection
Patent for the invention № 2353717 «Method of coating formation on aluminum and its alloys»

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