New type of quaternary ammonium salts as a prospective class of selective metal extragent

Synthesis of different structure quaternary ammonium salts of new type by developed proprietary technology. Composition and structure of compounds are supported by elemental analysis, mass-, IR-, NMR-spectroscopy.

of new type of quaternary ammonium salts
         • high degree of winning,
         • separation selectivity between each other,
         • repetition in use of extractant,
         • low toxicity.

Field of application:
         • industrial enterprises, specializing in mining of nonferrous and rare metals,
         • organizations, which fulfill industrial and domestic waste unilization.

        1. Group of extracants on basis of quaternary ammonium salts of different structure is synthesized.
        2. Extraction ability of new type of quaternary ammonium salts in relation to some d- and f- elements is explored.
        3. Method of extraction and selective separation of some d- and f- elements is developed..

Application for an invention «Method of palladium recovery from metal salt aqueous solution № 2014127603» dated 07.07.2014

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