Development of technological solutions of module highly productive mini-farms of high automation for small forms of economy management

Aim of the project: development of highly productive module technological solutions of mini-farms for small forms of economy management.

Function: for development of small farm business in the country, maintenance of food security of a region by means of development of their food production.

Advantagesof the technology:

  • Applying of modern numerical methods of modelling of developed objects systems.
  • Modular concept, which provides the lowest prime cost, efficiency of production and setting farms into operation for various agricultural animal and poultry breeding for various stock.
  • Grounding of basic modules construction for provision of their effective combinations in dependence on farm’s function.
  • Maintenance of working farm completability with new modules for output expansion or reclaim of new types of breeding/poultry breeding and/or processing of production.

Stage of development: test production.

  1. Project of mini-farm basic module for quail management of 1500 animals is developed.
  2. Basic module for quail management of 1500 animals is produced and put into test operation.
  3. Project of mini-farm module for reproductive herd of quails management of 3500 animals is developed.

Legal protection: Patent №136716 «Module farm for quail breeding».

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