Automated control system of the foundry

Function, field of application

The automated control system of foundry is meant for automation of the preparation and the control of smelting and casting processes at the ironworks.

The system is used as a support tool on every stage of the life cycle of the foundry production, including making a calculation of the liquid alloy’s composition.

The field of application: casters of ferrous metallurgy.

The development stage: prepared production.

Competitive advantage

The innovation of the programme is confined in the algorithms of the calculation of the liquid alloy’s components, which rate correction factors of the chemical components’ composition on basis of cumstal, which allows increasing the accuracy of the calculations and getting desired alloy composition for a less number of iterations.

The scheme of the commercialization

  • The full-range web-oriented program system as a cloud service. This variant does not need large costs to infuse, is maintainable and allows using of flexible tariff schedules of the payment for the utilization.
  • Autonomous program system is similar to the first variant by the functional, but it works totally on the client’s side and is used in the burst mode.
  • The program module of the calculation of the metalpatching, which in cooperation with the producer of the smelting equipment can be integrated into the computer systems.

Legal protection

  • The certificate of state registration of programme for computer №2012618006.

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