The cloud service for optimal planning of loading various transports

The service is negotiated as a WEB-application and can work separately as well as integrated with other information systems, which support the work, using SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) technology.

The service is developed for the solution of the problem of the finished product’s transportation, first of all enterprises of paper-pulp industry. In solving this problem extra costs appear quite often in the enterprises, when during the wagon or the container load, in the case of wrong selected product or the lack of a necessary vehicle, its bulk, carrying capacity or both are not fully used, which is most faulty in conditions of deficiency of vehicles. Besides, these conditions greatly determine the quality of the delivered product, which is related to the appearance of the customer’s claims and possible presumptive damages.

Thereby, the choice of the vehicles and the planning of the shipping become a considerable factor of the increase of the effectiveness and economic indexes of production. The problem becomes more difficult and potential losses can increase in the case of a big nomenclature of the product’s formats or in selecting different conveying equipments (containers, wagons, holds of the motor ships).

The planning of the paper’s shipping is carried out by the shipping operator and, as a rule, in the case of the 1-2 formats does not produce real difficulty. However, in the case of 3 or more formats, the number of variants of paper rolls’ distribution increases and the search of a better rolls’ distribution, taking the accomplishment of the above-listed demands into account, produces a very complicated problem, which demands labour-intensive calculations.

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