The cloud service for the paper-making machines planning optimization

The service is negotiated as a WEB-application and can work separately as well as integrated with other information systems, which support the work, using SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) technology.

The service is intended for solving the problem of the cutout of the paper ribbon spool’s unload into rolls of demanded formats in the paper-pulp industry enterprises.

The solution is based on the special mathematical models, methods and algorithms, developed by the members of IT-park, which allows within the framework of the problem making the following calculations:

  • the calculation of the optimal schemes of the cutout (laying-outs) of the spools’ unload, which provides with the manufacture of the whole product in the required amounts with the least refuse in the form of selvages of the material;
  • the calculation of the optimal load of equipment and distribution of the manufacture of the product among different PMM (PbMM) subject to the number of technological parameters (such as density of paper, diameter of a roll, feature of quality ans s.o.);
  • the stock-taking of product’s times of shipment and determination of the order of the sawing’s execution for supplying with product delivery schedule.

More information at the website of "Opti-Soft".

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