OOPS «TIC» for optimization of the processes of the planning and management of product transportation by several timber industry enterprises

The system of the optimal production planning (OOPS) for Timber-Industry Complex (TIC) represents a software-hardware complex, aimed at automation of a set of functions involved in the processes of:

  • raw material stock-recording for sawmills work planning,
  • supply planning and calculation,
  • automatic execution and printing of all necessary documents,
  • calculation of the optimal bulk plan, which ensure realization of a given specification for converted timber from the available or expected raw material. The best value plan is understood in terms of maximum possible timber saving or maximum revenue from the sale of converted timber,
  • integration with the existing systems of an enterprise.

The crux of the problems of flat material nesting consists in searching for optimal, by a certain (or few) criteria, plan of nesting a two-dimensional object (a sheet or a strip, including of unlimited length) into nesting items-work pieces of a certain kind, for a purpose obtaining the necessary number of nesting items, providing fulfillment of a set of constraints due to a technology specific character and industrial enterprises work conditions.

The scientific novelty and the significance of the project consist in:

  • studying optimization problems for simulating processes, which involve operations of complex flat material nesting and transportation, and development of a generalized mathematical model, considering territorial distribution of production divisions;
  • consideration in model and algorithms of a large number (10) of extra types of constraints, and as well of a possibility of the production plan formation, with the order executed by several enterprises, followed by transportation to the Customer;;
  • development of effective (of polynomial complexity) methods and algorithms for solving problems of complex flat material nesting and transportation, i.e. those which make it possible to find a solution for practical tasks using a standard personal computer in a time no longer than a few minutes (the requirement is defined by the specific character of production processes under question), which constitutes a non-trivial result in the case of a large number of variables.

Two certificates of State registration have been received for a computer program and 5 certificates of the development's sectoral registration.

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