System of distant express control of water reservoir and holographic disdrometry ecological state

System allows to measure and analyze form, particle-size distribution, concentration, volume distribution, dynamic behavior of microobjects and has the following applications:
  1. Distant express control of water reservoirs ecological state.

  2. Toxicity test in standard test objects for MAC and wastewater toxicity detection.

  3. Digital holographic disdrometry (particle-size distribution, speed, a number of litho- and hydrometeors and their classification for meteorology needs).

  4. Analysis of super-low concentration of foreign particles in liquid (evaluation of the quality of hydraulic oils).

  5. Measurement of size and form distribution of aerosol particles, dust or liquid-born particles.

Development stage
    Pre-production model.

Competitive advantages
  • rather small size (800x230x160 мм) of metering device;
  • max. depths of immersion into water: up to 10 m;
  • running time: 1 month (using battery with capacity 55 Ah);
  • wireless data transfer from metering devices to server by GPRS channel;
  • possible connection to a system of some thousands of metering devices, located in coverage of mobile communication in any part of the world;
  • control of the system and view of the results can be fulfilled digitally by means of web-interface (Russian and English languages are supported);
  • automatic detection measuring objects;
  • big test volume (400 cm3);
  • size of registered objects: 5 mcm – 10 mm;
  • picture frequency: 15 frames/sec;
  • tuned scene mode: during programmed time, by small sessions with duration not more than 10 minutes;
  • server-side storage and computing of data;
  • high speed of data computing and analysis of wave surface are achieved by high-performance computing according to CUDA technology and distributed computing powered by BOINC.
Legal protection
  • The certificate of official registration of programme for rebuild of holographically recorded images and determination of spatial location of point features № 2009614972

  • Patent of RF for the invention №2392694 « Method for photogalvanic cell production» dated 20.06.2010.

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