Smart device of posttraumatic rehabilitation in traumatology

The device represents a portable instrument, which allows to register man’s foot load distribution while walking and to transfer the data to computer through the wireless link. Measuring platform is a sensitive part of the device, which has a form of insole and allows to define local loads on a foot and then to transfer data to data acquisition and processing unit, which is fixed on shin.

After data collection, data acquisition and processing unit transmits database to computer through wireless link, where data are handled and presented as a graph of maximum loads on a foot, statistics of loads over a period of time.

Software represents an expert system, which consists of database, interface for binary relationships implementation device-computer and module, capable of making decisions on rehabilitative conditions for a man.

Use of this device allows to reject using plaster during the healing of lower limbs fractures and to reduce time, spent at a hospital, by 2 times.

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