Methods of diagnostic and prevention of chronorhythms of organism under conditions of light pollution with the help of hormones and peptides of epiphysis

Development of measures on prevention of desynchronosis under conditions of chronorhythm disturbance
Innovative solutions:
  • Different models of light pollution, which lead to chronorhythms disturbance are developed
  • Biological test systems for carrying out of nonclinical study
  • Pre-clinical selection of compounds-candidates for desynchronosis prevention, on basis of obtained data medical methods of prevention in high risk groups (people,who work with inverted light or who live in northlands) is conducted.
  • Efficiency and safety of the developed method
  • Ease of use
  • Availability
  • Comfort storing and use
Field of use
Preventive medicine
Stage of development
Prototype model: nonclinical researches are carried out on test systems under conditions of light pollution modelling.

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