New bioactivity of N-oxide quinoline derivatives

Stage of development
  1. Samples of N-oxide quinoline derivatives are synthesized using different chemical groups inserted in heterocycle, including electron donors and electron acceptors.

  2. Cytotoxic, antiproliferative, apoptosis-inducing, antitumour activities of given compounds in vitro are explored.

  3. Comlex of laboratory technologies for assessing of biological and pharmacological activities of reagents in vivo is developed.

Aim of the project:

Creation of group of pharmacologically active agents with high antitumour and/or antibacterial activity


Use in the sphere of medicine and pharmacology as mono-preparations or as a part of combination products.

Advantages of technology:
  • High percentage of synthesized compounds in reaction mixture
  • High-degree substance purification

Synthesized compounds have high biological activity (including antitumour) at the implementation in micro- and nanomolar concentrations. Thereby fall-outs, which typically emerge when using other reagents with similar activities (                                                      neurotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, hepatoxicity, leukopenia etc.) are minimized.

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