RealTrac – wireless system of local 3D positioning with a possibility of telemetry and data communication

The technology RealTrac is a multipurpose and multifunctional decision, which allows to identify the location of people and the objects in limited territories and inside buildings, to collect statistics of movements, to provide voice and data communication.

Short description
The technology REALTRAC is based on the standard of radio communication nanoLOC (IEEE 802.15.4a) with the opportunity of low-power mode’s turning on. The special feature of the standard is the automatic distance measurement between the mobile centres, using the method Time-of-Flight.

Knowing the distance between stationary basic workstations and mobile radio centre, it is possible to define object’s location with rather great accuracy. Regular monitoring of radio signal’s power and accounting of the mobile object movement pattern let essentially improve its location.

Development stage: small-scale production.

Competitive advantage

Low power consumption, high data-rate, high accuracy of object’s location, possibility to transmit data and control terminal devices.

The scheme of the commercialization

Development of business with the use of partners’ investments, which integrate the developed technology into their systems, thereby, introducing all necessary elements for the implementation of all ultimate customer’s demands into it.

The selling of the software for location’s server on the licensed basis is possible.

Legal protection

Patent RF №2432581 "The way of radio centre’s location, the system of radio centre’s location and the centre of data handling" dated 27.10.2011.

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