Anodic oxide nanocoating on titanium and its alloys with improved photocatalytic properties

Aim of the project: creation of new high-performance photocatalytic active materials on basis of nanoanodized Ti and Ti-Al, Ti-Al-Nb.

Purpose: cleaning of air and water from harmful organic and inorganic components, technological gases.    

Advantages of technology:

It is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Photocatalytically active nanomaterials are created on basis of nanoanodized sintered-slug Ti, Ti-Al, Ti-Al-Nb with high specific surface (1600 sm2/г). Technological process consists in extra increase of material’s specific surface (~5∙106sm2/г.) by means of formation of layer of self-organised nanoporous anodic oxide coating, which has good adnation to base, open porosity and size of pores 40-80 nm and its further transformations into multiphase nanocrystalline structure, which contains “black” forms of titanium dioxide according to the authorial innovative methods.

Stage of development:

Preproduction models are produced.

Complex of laboratory technologies of formation of nanonstructured anodic oxide coatings on Ti and Тi-Аl, Ti-Al-Nb is developed.

Method of anodic oxide coatings thermal modification for multiphase nanocrystalline transition, which characterizes by expanded range of luminous absorption not only in UV, but also in visible and IR regions of spectrum, is provided.

Base for implementation development work on getting of industrial prototypes of modified photocatalytic coatings for air and water cleaning is created.

Legal protection:

  • Patent for useful model № 111459 от 17.06.2011; publ. 20.11.2012. Bul. №35.
  • Patent for invention on application 2011114311 РФ от 12.04.2011; publ. 20.10.2012. Bul. №29.

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