Automated early warning system for risks of environmental threat and emergency situations in ponds

Function, field of application


Automated early warning system for risks of environmental threat and emergency situations in ponds intended for primary assessment of acute toxicity in water environment.

The system warns automatically of emergency situations using wireless communication channel. Captured events automatically are collected in one centre, which let see place and of an accident..

As an indicator of environmental threat shellfish are used, their state automatic control is held in their own habitat by measuring plethysmogram, which reflects important hemodynamic parameters of shellfish’s organism(heartbeat frequency, the volume blood flow, stroke ejection) not breaking its integration.

The closest analog is system, intended for water quality control by measuring cardioactivity of fresh-water crayfish. However, this system is meant for the use in laboratory conditions and cannot be used independently in natural environment.

The system can be used for:

  • continual remote monitoring of water objects,
  • detection of environmental emergency, caused by water pollution by industrial wastewater, heavy metals, emergency spills of oil products, control of water quality during water intake ,
  • control of treatment facilities work efficiency,
  •  automatic warning of environmental emergency in a pond via e-mail or through sms.

The system functions independently on solar/storage batteries, maintenance rate – 4 times a year.

Stage of development: pre-production model.

Scheme of commercialization

Industrial production, sale and installation of equipment, guarantee and service backup, modernization and upgrade of software, advancement into real economic sector.

Legal protection

  • Request for the patent for useful model.

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