Laser holographic analyzer

Laser holographic analyzer represents a holographic device, made in protected form, intended for measuring of size-consist and velocity of any body and drops of liquid.

Characteristics of device:
  • Range of measured drops/particles size: 1 - 10 000 micrometers
  • Dynamic range: 1000
  • Maximum particle velocity: 2 - 100 m/s (optionally)
  • Working distance: 50 - 500 mm
  • Particle shape control
  • Portability
  • Dampproofness: IP68
The device is used for control of atomizers’ parameters in the phase of their development, production and exploitation in different branches of industry:
  • Engine-building production (atomizers in gas-turbine engines for military and civilian aviation)
  • Emergency Control Ministry (atomizers for fire-extinguishing systems)
  • Engineering (atomizers for waterjet cutting, coating, cleaning, blow-off, washing)
  • Cleaning of industrial gas burst
  • Electrical energy (gas desulfurization at electric power station)
  • Mining industry (dust suppression in open-pits)
  • Iron industry (in course of continuous cast, water descaling, cooling in rolling mill, gum cooling, burned gas etc.)
  • Chemical industry (for providing with effective reactions of liquid reagents with gas, cleaning of tanks, clean of industrial gases, dust suppression and precipitation of gas, cooling, damping and conditioning)
  • Cement industry (gas cooling, even damping during blending)
  • Hydrocarbon process industry (spray systems, gas cooling, cleaning of cisterns and bacs)
  • Timber and paper and paperboard industry (cloth cleaning, sawn edge cutting, washing of woodfibre mat, drying and air cleaning, solution blow-off, water and air cooling, wood damping)
  • Food and liquor industry (air humidification, tanks cleaning, washing of containers, pasteurization, sanation of rooms)
  • Poultry production and animal production units, greenhouses (spraying machines, air humidification, sanation of rooms)
  • Medicine and pharmaceutical industry (dispersion of medications in medical rooms, parts-washing equipment and sanitary ware and plumbing fixtures, cleaning of tanks)
  • Textile, tobacco, printing, leather industry (cooling systems in industrial and special rooms of big area)
Development stage: pre-production model.

Legal protection: the certificate of state registration of programme for computer №2014662712 "Program for reconstruction of digital holograms and automatic position determination of objects n test volume".

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