Wood-cement material on basis of sawing and stone processing production waste

New modification of wood-cement material, technology of getting and application for manufacture of wall blocks and heat-insulating boards for low-rise housing construction. Development stage: pre-production model.
To use sawdust without preparatory treatment.
To reduce material cost owing to the use of stone processing waste obtained by steatite treatment.
Advantages of the material:

Resistibility: During the compression test capacity was more than 3.5 Mpa, which corresponds to construction material of В2,0 class and mark of capacity М25 in accordance with functioning All-Union State Standard 19222-84. It has a high breaking strength in bending because of wood filler fiber texture, the only one of lightweight concretes, which works in bending.

Technological effectiveness: doesn’t require special fittings. Is easily cut and sawn.

Environmental security: construction material on basis of natural components. Long-lasting- doesn’t dote, has high bio-retardant, is poorly defeated by microflora, fungus, mould and chemical materials, is nonsusceptible to fire.

Heat conductivity: Heat conductivity of material is 0,11-0,13 W/mps, which corresponds to demands of All-Union State Standard 19222-84 (acceptable - 0,15 W/mps).

Function of the project
Problem-solving wood waste storage.
Available, qualitative material for low-budget construction.
Legal protection
Applications for inventions № 2014114457 dated 11.04.2014, № 2014118281 dated 06.05.2014.
Technic specifications № 5768-004-01256084-14.

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