Petrozavodsk State University created a unique 4D-microscope

The idea belongs to researchers of "NanoScan" PetrSU. The developers call their device a laser analyzer. This device can operate both on land and 10 meters under water. It is different from a conventional microscope by a 300 times greater sensitivity. The microscope incorporates a video recorder. By using special software, it allows scientists to analyze the changes of the object at a certain interval of time.

According to the representative of PetrSU Dmitry Yekimov, unlike the conventional microscope, it can measure 3D objects in dynamics: "Thanks to it, we can see the micro-objects. The depth of field we observe is much greater than that which can be seen with an ordinary microscope. "

This device can be used in various fields, for example, in spraying and cooling systems. This microscope can measure droplet size and analyze the effectiveness of the use of the system, which will enable the company to save supplies. Furthermore, biologists using this microscope conducted a series of experiments on microorganisms. A laser analyzer allows one to see what is happening in the microcosm online.

With this device, PetrSU scientists have made several commercial contracts. Now engineers are developing two other microscopes of the same principle of action. They will be assembled in December.
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