Student business incubator

Student business incubator was created in 2010 in accordance with rector’s order № 7112 of 29.10.2010 for support of the innovation activity’s development of PetrSU and involvement of students, post graduates and research fellows in practical realization of university’s innovative projects. Activity of the PetrSU’s SBI is aimed at informing potential Participants of SBI of the action of existing programs of innovative entrepreneurship, creation of the youth’s interest in scientific and technical creative work and innovative activity, and as well involvement of the students and teachers in the work in realization of innovative projects, including at the base of SBI.

PetrSU’s SBI is positioned as innovative object of infrastructure of development and practical realization of the projects of PetrSU and its surroundings. Several purposes are set for it:

  • educational purpose: training in creation of significant and socially important innovative projects, development of creative initiative and forming of active position in life of business incubator’s Participants (students, workers and faculty of PetrSU, members of exterior organizations, institutions, agencies, teams of the present representatives and other people concerned );
  • social purpose: help to the Participants of SBI and to the subjects of small business in their early activity and also to their non-business social projects, realizable within the frameworks of prior ways of development of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Karelia and PetrSU;
  • entrepreneurial purpose: support for entrepreneurs at the early stage of their activity by means of rendering consulting, educational, scientific-research and other services.

The main aims of PetrSU’s SBI are:

  • Detection of youth initiatives in the field of innovative activity for forming and preparation of SBI’s Participants for project activity;
  • Realization of educational support and rendering of technical services to the Participants of PetrSU’s SBI;
  • Assistance to the development of research works of the Participants of PetrSU’s SBI;
  • Assistance to commercialization of scientific and technical and technological developments of the Participants of PetrSU’s SBI;
  • Assistance to the process of innovative capacity building of small and medium-sized enterprises of PetrSU’s SBI;.
  • Integration of the Participants of SBI into federal, regional and international innovative programs;
  • Presentation of the interests and results of PetrSU’s SBI’s activity at all levels of administration and departments of PetrSU and also at regional, federal and international levels.

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