On the base of PetrSU’s health camp "Shotozero" started the third Summer school of business undertaking and invention – 2014

The summer school is carried by the PetrSU’s Students business-incubator together with Administration of pastoral and social work already the third time.

The basic aim of carrying out the School is increasing of innovative activity of young people. During the whole School participants will learn the spectrum of the questions, connected to innovative development, commercialization of technologies and business. For that organization of the School worked out the program of holding, which includes lectures, training programs, case situations, business play with the use of modern information technologies and s.o.

Speakers of the Summer School are professors and staff of PetrSU, successful businessmen, and also representatives of Karelian Scientific Centre (KSC).

For the full elaboration of the project participants of the School in the first day worked in psychological team-building training and got the task to develop a project, which they will present at the end of the Summer School.

Organizers didn’t forget about Participants leisure and carry out different daily recreation activities during the whole School (exercises, batball, football and other), and also intellectual games and competitions («What? Where? When?», game GO, «Parliamentary debates» and other).

III Summer school of business undertaking and invention – 2014 is carried in the framework of realization of the Program of PetrSU’s strategic development and the Program of PetrSU’s student associations’ development.

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