Preparations for another "TechnoRoboCom. School League 2015" competition

In April 2015, PetrSU will hold "A battle of robots" conducted by Student Business Incubator of PetrSU together with the department of career guidance for students.

This competition was first held in April 2012 and immediately attracted attention. Initially, the youth team competition in technological solutions for robotics “TechnoRoboCom” was intended for students of Petrozavodsk State University, but in 2012 the team was joined by several school students and due to their interest and their willingness to participate, in 2013 it was decided to arrange a school league of the contest.

It should be noted that during the autumn of 2014 school students went on a pre-tutorial on the basics of robotics in order to fully prepare for the contest which addressed issues of assembly, programming and testing of robotic devices, as well as forming teams.

On March 20, 2015 the IT-park of Petrozavodsk State University held its regular meeting for participants of “TechnoRoboCom. School League 2015”. The meeting clarified the regulations and the main stages of the contest. Also, electronic components were issued for the competition. More information on the contest can be found in the group on "VKontakte".

For quality training each school team is assigned to a participant of previous seasons «TechnoRoboCom. Adult League" or those preparing to participate this year (in the adult league competition will be held in early June 2015).

It should be noted that this contest is realized in the framework of the Festival of intellectual games of PetrSU, which is held during the whole year. The festival is held to promote intellectual games, support and development of intellectual creativity and involvement of the public in the knowledge society and the development of positive attitudes toward meaningful values of the Russian society.

Games are seen as a tool to ensure real development activity of the public, especially young people in the interests of harmonious development of the country. They include over 60 educational outreach events for the development of creative activity.

The format of the games involves monthly full-time and distance events, including intellectual competitions and sports games that determine the winner.

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