Project Innopolis of PetrSU Started its Work

Petrozavodsk State University implements the project on the development of project skills among youth with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. The project is the winner of the All-Russian contests of youth projects.

The project features a series of educational programs: “Basics of project activities”, “Fundamentals of entrepreneurship”, “Development of entrepreneurial initiatives for the youth of the Republic of Karelia”, distance learning program “Fundamentals of research commercialization”, and the educational program “Interfaculty Group”. The implementation of the programs is carried out the premises of the Youth Innopark, Boiling Point – Petrozavodsk, and Students Business Incubator of PetrSU.

On October 1 PetrSU launched three educational programs on project activities and entrepreneurship that involve over one hundred students of the university. The uniqueness of the programs lies in the orientation on practice as during their studies students must create a project that will be implemented with the immediate support of the Project Innopolis.

The Project Innopolis is a combination of unique platforms and coworking centers (Youth Innopark of PetrSU, Students Business Incubator of PetrSU, Center for Youth Innovative Creativity, Career Center of PetrSU). These venues are a comfortable creative environment for project teams formed on the basis of a common idea selected among young teachers, scientists, employees, students, partners, and project managers, in order to implement the project cycle: idea – project development – project implementation – project support and promotion.

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