"TechnoRoboCom. Adult League - 2015"

The festival of intellectual games included the 7th competition of technology robotic devices “TechnoRoboCom. Adult League - 2015" organized by the SBI of PetrSU.

The first "Robot Wars" took place in spring of 2012. Then, the winner was the robot Grisha presented by the SDB (Student Design Bureau) of the Faculty of Agriculture.
In the first competitions, the large number of participants and spectators of all ages showed the need to separate "Robot Wars" into two leagues: high school and adult ones. In this format it has been held up to this day. To recap, the school league took place in April this year.In addition, each competition has its own distinctive feature. In the summer of 2012, it was held in the open air venues of PetrSU, and this time the contest was preceded by an exhibition of robotic devices made by the participants of the competition in previous years.

The exhibition featured more than 30 robots, most of which are in working condition. Part of the exhibition is constantly involved in the operation in annual events of the republican scale. Among them this year was the conference "Internet Days in Karelia", an exhibition of scientific and technical creativity of children and young people "Technical creativity - a road to the future." In addition, this exhibition is going to be expanded at the events dedicated to summing up the festival of intellectual games - 2015 at the beginning of the 2015/16 school year.

At this time, the contest involved nine teams composed of students, faculty and staff of PetrSU.
The tournament consisted of several stages. Before the competition, each team presented their robotic device. What it will be like - the robot beeps, war paint, its dance, light signals or something else - is at the discretion of the team. The most original idea of a robotic device is encouraged by points. Further, the robotic devices had to speed-drive around the track, pass a maze and battle each other in the "robo-sumo."

As a result of the adult league, this year there were three winning teams:
  • 1 place - "Cybernetics" (T.Surovtsova, Cand. of Tehn. Sciences, Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics of PetrGU; L.Schegoleva, Dr. of Scences Professor of applied mathematics and cybernetics of PetrSU; D.Ivanov, head of the project "Cloud 10");
  • 2nd place – the team of the student design bureau of the Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Physical Engineering "SKB ATP + FTF" (V.Litvinov, Engineer of the Faculty of Agriculture; A.Kogochev, Cand. of Sciences, associate professor of information instrumentation systems and physical electronics; A.Lekarev, 4th year student of the Faculty of Physics and Technology);
  • the top three winners were completed by the team "Bone" consisting of first-year students of Physics and Technology and of Mathematics faculties (the team: Yegor Pimonov, Evgenii Arefiev, Arina Ilina).

The presentation of certificates to all participants "Robot Wars" was carried out by the director of Student business incubator of PetrSU Aleksandr Konovalov. He congratulated and thanked the winners and participants, and also noted that the competition will continue and develop.

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