The summer season of SBI of PetrSU

This was an eventful summer for the Student Business Incubator. From July to August, 5 schools were held on various topics: from the development of entrepreneurship and innovation to the study of the history and culture of Karelia.

Its participants were able to visit the north of Karelia, for the Research School "Heirs of the land of Kalevala." The purpose of the expedition was to collect the residents’ memories of the post-war history of the village. Now the collected materials are being processed and systematized so they can then be passed on to the collection of ethnic and cultural center of the village of Kalevala.

For over 4 years, young entrepreneurs and inventors have been welcomed at "Shotozero" sports camp. The summer school of entrepreneurship and innovation, which has in a manner become a brand of the SBI, includes interactive lectures, business and role-playing games, workshops and brainstorming sessions. The participants deal with the theory and practice of inventive and entrepreneurial tasks, economic innovation and project management. In addition, they are able to communicate with the leading businessmen of Karelia, as well as to develop their own project.

Traditionally, there was a SBI summer research school at Tulmozero ironworks. This year, the participants continued to study the history of the plant and the area, made a tour of the gallery, where they could see the functioning of the system pumping water and air, and also familiarized themselves with the system of transporting ore to the plant etc. In addition, the students helped in the improvement of the territory by forming hiking paths, installing pointers, doing the clearing of the territory, filling pits, building footbridges, and so on.
From August 26 to 30, there was held a research expedition to the Ladoga skerries. The participants visited former Finnish hamlets and defensive constructions on the banks of Lake Ladoga, ascended to the highest point of Ladoga skerries - Mount Aino, which opens views of the expanses of Ladoga and Valaam archipelago.

The last school of this summer season took place on the territory of Finland. Its task was to study the historical and cultural tourism potential of Eastern Finland on Savonlinna’s example. The central event of the trip was a visit to the fortress of Olavinlinna. Built in the 15th century, today Olavinlinna is a well-preserved historic monument and is considered one of the major tourist centers of Finland. Within the walls of the fortress are museums dedicated to the history of the castle and Orthodox iconography, and since 1912 there has been a famous opera festival. In addition, the fortress is an excellent example of implementing the historical potential in the business environment through tourism. Using the example of the fortress as a business-model, the participants learned about how to turn an object of tourist display into a profitable business.

The second module of the school included a study of the specifics of organization of museums and sightseeing of the city. The members of the school were given a tour of the religious monuments of the city of Savonlinna. Despite existing differences in culture between the two countries, throughout the history of the relationship religion remained a link between and played a major role in the education of generations of Russia and Finland, so a visit to the cathedral and the oldest wooden church in the city was an integral part of the school.

The events were held in the framework of the Program of activity of student unions with the support of Ministry of Education and Science.

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