Н. А. Рослякова

The 4th Summer school of entrepreneurship and innovation of SBI of PetrSU

"We will together continue to work on projects in Petrozavodsk and, I hope, meet in the same company next year at the fifth school," said the director of the Student Business Incubator of PetrSU Alexander Konovalov summing up the school, the concluding event of which was the protection of projects.

To recap, from 12 to 23 July, the sports camp "Shotozero" hosted the 4th Summer school of entrepreneurship and innovation of PetrSU.

Among the school participants were students of the Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences, Alexander Kuroptev and Vladislav Stukalov, who presented the project of restoration of the Karelian village Poduzheme in Kem region.

"Saying that we liked it does not begin to describe it. An adequate separation of learning and leisure activities, interesting lectures, meeting with teachers in an informal atmosphere - that is only a small part of what occurred to us at the school. Our task at this school was to draw up an outline for a business plan concerning the development of the tourist potential of Karelia. We decided to rebuild the native Karelian village in order to develop the historical-cultural and ethno-literary tourism potential. Thanks to the teachers who guided us with their advice and crash tests, we were able to bring forward the successful implementation of our ideas," V.Stukalov and A.Kuroptev shared their impressions.

The program consisted of interactive lectures, business and role-playing games, workshops and brainstorming sessions. In the course of it, the participants were able to practically get acquainted with the theory of inventive and entrepreneurial tasks, economics of innovation and project management. The lectures were given by teachers and staff of PetrSU, Karelian businessmen, representatives of scientific institutions.

Alexander Semyonov, the director of the small innovative enterprises LLC "NanoFarm", lecturer of the Department of Information Measuring Systems and Physical Electronics of the Faculty of Physical Engineering of Petrozavodsk State University, an associate of Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics Research Society (Garching, Germany), gave a lecture of "The psychology of decision-making." "This lecture is designed for a wide range of audiences and is a complement to the course "The theory of optimal decision-making", which is offered to graduate students of the Faculty of Physics and Technology. The lecture deals with the basics of the psychology of human decision-making, decision-making models, social assessment of choice, typical situations in which a person gets at the decision point. Last year, I had a chance to give this lecture at the Summer School of the SBI. This year, it was extended by a special section related to engineering thinking and examples of successful innovative projects that combine the principles and fundamentals of engineering thinking and management decisions. I really liked the organization of the school, and the kids who participated in it. I hope that the knowledge they gained in the school will be useful in their life. I wish you all success and thank you for the good work! "

Natalia Roslyakova, the Institute of Regional Economy of RAS (St. Petersburg) and the Institute of Control Sciences (Moscow) also shared her impressions: "My impressions began, of course, with the beautiful Karelian countryside. A huge thanks goes to the organizers for the choice of location for the Summer School. It is also positive that the participants and lecturers had plenty of time to walk and take part in sporting and recreational activities. All our walks outside the camp were very exciting! I was able to learn a lot. Thank you to all those who patiently explained, helped and allowed to learn and have fun! Impressive was the highest level professionals with whom we were able to communicate and the enthusiasm with which people deal with not only their academic field and their work, but also with their whole of life. It"s amazing how a person gives a most interesting lecture, and then together with the audience goes on a fishing trip. Opportunities for informal, day-to-day communication between lecturers and participants in the school, I think, are a great achievement. As for the lectures which I visited, those were some real revelations. The sensations can be compared to the state when some problem, the complexity of which you already know, suddenly opens into a new dimension. There is an opportunity to look at it with very different eyes. It is for such extensions of your own consciousness that one should attend summer schools. In addition to the intensive lecturing module, for participants they developed an exciting leisure program. A role-playing game based on "Fort Boyard", a water trip, a tournament in table games, a photocross and competitions in innovative fishing made the school truly memorable."

"Planning out leisure program, we relied on the experience of past years and tried to make it diverse for participants to spend time not only in class, but also in the open air. Unfortunately, the weather made its own adjustments, but by the guys’ reviews, they all were satisfied and did not regret going", summed up the lead engineer of the SBI of Petrozavodsk State University, the organizer of the school Anna Khokhlova.

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