The 4th Russian-American Forum on Business Incubators

From 20 to 22 October 2014 representatives of SBI PetrSU participated in the 4th Russian-American forum on business incubators. The Forum was held at MGIMO University, which was also its organizer. Strategic partners of the forum are the National Association for Business incubators (NBIA, USA) - the leading international association of business incubators, which includes more than 2,000 members from 80 countries and Innovation Center of Northeast Indiana (NIIC, USA) - one of the world’s leading technology parks working with projects in the US and other countries.

The main topics of the forum:

  • Strategies of attracting to business incubators;
  • New technologies in marketing for business incubators;
  • Mentors: instructions for use;
  • The experience of American business incubators in shaping the innovation community;
  • Venture capital investment strategy for small innovative companies;
  • Ready business solutions by company "GAZ Group" for business incubators.

The Forum is focused on executives and managers of both technological and multidisciplinary business incubators, including university incubators and technology parks.

SBI PetrSU representatives actively participated in round tables devoted to the problems of university business incubators and questions devoted to attracting younger audiences to business incubators.

At the end of the forum, the participants received an international certificate of professional development.

Participation in the forum was carried out in the framework of the Strategic Development Program of PetrSU for 2012-2016.

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