The project "Nano-networks" Ltd - awardee of the all-Russian forum of young scientists U-NOVUS

From 1 to 4 April in Tomsk was held the all-Russian forum of young scientists, within the framework of which took place events, dedicated to the celebration of the 20-th anniversary of the Fund of assistance of small enterprises’ development in science and development sphere. The Fund of assistance of small enterprises’ development in science and development sphere (the Fund) – state non-commercial organization in the form of federal state budget institution, founded in compliance with the decree of the government of the Russian Federation. The Fund negotiates programs of innovative development, which are aimed at creation of new and development of existing high-tech companies, commercialization of the results of the scientific and technical activity, investments attraction to the sphere of small innovative business, creating new jobs. During the time of the Fund’s existence the stream of high-quality innovative projects has been forming for the further support. The forum U-NOVUS is one more unique opportunity to claim of your talents and wins to enterprises and young scientists, supported by the Fund.

Within the framework of the forum exhibition and competition of the best projects, supported by the Fund in the regions at different times, were held. Within the framework of the competition members of expert council chose winners in five categories: information technologies, medicine of the future, modern materials and technologies of their creation, new equipment and hardware complex, biotechnologies.

Representatives of the Fund in Republic of Karelia and Petrozavodsk state university presented in the competition the project of small innovative enterprise "Nano-networks" Ltd "Wireless systems of the local 3D positioning with an opportunity of telemetry and mediadata transfer ", which got jury’s appreciation and took the 2nd place in the category "Information technologies ". The project was presented by the PetrSU’s post-graduate Reginya Sergei.

Presented system accomplish three-dimensional positioning of the objects on an outdoor and in a small (screened) spaces. Where systems of global positioning don’t work(positioning on the many-storeyed objects, mining pits, in tunnels). Potential fields of use of the system: mineral industry (in 2013 tests and trial operations of the system in the mine Polysaevskaya in the Kemerovo region were held, the system is recommended for the use and today instills in several mines of the Russian Federation ), production, storage platform (now it instills in the factory in Kaluga), retirement homes, and also all places, where it is necessary to control staff and equipment rotation.

Representatives of the Fund and PetrSU congratulate the winners- the collective “Nano-networks” Ltd and wish further success in instilling wireless technologies.

We recall, that representatives of the Fund in Republic of Karelia exist more than 4 years. Therein Representatives provided developers of the innovative projects with consultative helpНапомним, held 10 competitions on the program CLEVER MAN. In 2014 between the leadership of the Fund of assistance of development of small enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere and The Government of the Republic of Karelia was completed a termless agreement of collaboration. The head of the representatives – PetrSU’s pro-rector’s adviser, Professor I.R. Shegelman.

In the materials of the article was used information from the website The Fund of assistance of small enterprises’ development in science and development sphere.

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