Today saw the opening of the Institute of High biomedical technologies of Petrozavodsk State University

The opening of the Institute was attended the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation V. Skvortsova and Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation V. Kaganov.

The work of the Institute is aimed at structuring basic and applied research in the fields of medicine and biology, in accordance with the priorities of the Russian Federation in the field of biomedical technologies and global trends in the field of science, as well as creating conditions for research work on innovative technologies ready for introduction into clinical practice.
The guests of the Institute visited its laboratories and centers, learned about their activities and developments by scientists of PetrSU. "The launch of the Institute of High biomedical technologies is an important event, which will significantly improve the level of training of students, residents and scientists. It is both a scientific and educational medical cluster. The Medical Institute of PetrSU is one of the strongest among the 20 medical schools and faculties of classical universities of Russia. It is among the five leading medical institutions. The level of instruction, both theoretical and clinical here is quite high. The Institute of Medicine of PetrSU trains highly qualified doctors. It is amazing that Petrozavodsk State University now has the Institute of High biomedical technologies. It gives several new directions of development ", said Health Minister V. Skvortsova.

"We bought the most modern equipment for the Institute, some of which does not have any analogues in Russia. The equipment was purchased at the expense of the Strategic Development Program of the University, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and its own extra-budgetary funds of the University, grants and a variety of projects. Today, the Institute of High Biomedical Technologies is already training students and residents, amounting to almost 1300 people. I must say, there is not only full-time training, but also extra training", said the Rector of PetrSU A.V.Voronin.

The special importance of the Institute of High Biomedical Technologies not only for the initial training of specialists, but also for training and retraining of health professionals was underlined. by Minister of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Karelia E. Hidishyan. "In addition, the opportunities that arise in scientific activities and research activities with the opening of such an institution, are at the modern level, on which all science is based," he said.

It is not Health Minister V. Skvortsova’s first time in Petrozavodsk State University and she is already familiar with the research by scientists of PetrSU and their developments in the field of biomedicine. "This visit of Veronika Skvortsova is special because it is today that we are opening the Institute of High biomedical technology, which brings together all biomedical research of the Medical Institute, ecological and biological faculty, with experts in physics and mathematics collaborating. This set of research was presented today to the Minister. The biomedical direction very promising from the global point of view. It is likely that in the near future, biomedicine will become paramount technology: it is health of the population, first of all, children’s health; extension of life expectancy; import-substituting technologies: the production of drugs, the development of various diagnostic systems – these are among priorities for every country in the world," said the director of the Institute of High biomedical Technologies T. Volkova.
Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics of the innate immune professor A. Poltorak noted that the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has obtained a powerful scientific research center, whose results of scientific research will be in demand at the highest levels. "This laboratory combines students’ and faculty’s ideas and principles of advanced science, the best the domestic and foreign science has achieved so far. This is a merger of very important disciplines, education and training of new scientists. People need to learn how to do science," said Professor Poltorak.

At present, the Institute consists of seven specialized research laboratories (Laboratory of Molecular Genetics of innate immunity, Laboratory of new methods of physiological research, laboratory of pre-clinical research, cellular pathology and bioregulation, Laboratory of Clinical Epidemiology, Laboratory of biologically active natural and synthetic organic compounds, DIABIMMUNE Laboratory, Telemedicine Laboratory and a united multifunctional center of modular training. The Institute conducts research and development in the field of molecular genetics, oncoimmunology, neurophysiology, bioregulation, cell biology, pharmacology, epidemiology, bioinformatics and others. Research and development of the Institute is supported by grants of RNF, RFBR, RHF, federal target programs, grants of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as the program of RAS "Basic Sciences to Medicine". Project activities of undergraduate and graduate students is supported by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (program "The Youth Research and Innovation Competition” - UMNIK).

IVBMT interacts with various Russian and foreign organizations doing research in the field of biomedicine.
Today, the Institute has enormous potential for successful development. As biomedicine is one of the most important trends of the world’s modern science targeted at searching and designing genetic and experimental biomodels related to human development, conservation and maintenance of quality of life, to creating innovative ways to diagnose diseases, the unique combination of basic science and clinical practice will undoubtedly contribute to the scientific achievements of the university, increase their demand and accelerate innovative modernization of the region.

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