An innovative project of PetrSU was awarded the bronze medal at the XVIII Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies "Archimedes"

Among the exhibitors are traditionally representatives of more than 40 Russian regions and inventors from Europe, Asia and neighboring countries: the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Germany, Malaysia, Korea, Ecuador, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Qatar, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Poland, Moldova and Belarus.

The "Archimedes" salon included about 1000 projects from various fields of science and technology.

PetrSU was presented by SIP "Fishery resources": "The counter of number and biomass of fish based on vision systems," "Industrial watercraft of high capacity for aquaculture enterprises" and "Automated fry complex "AquaVita"(autoregulation of oxygen and temperature in cages)" as well as the project of Agronomy Department, "minifarms growing quail."

The project «AquaVita» was awarded the bronze medal of the competition "Best project for agro-industrial complex of the Russian Federation", held at the Salon "Archimedes".

The system is designed to enhance the survival of rainbow trout planting material under adverse environmental conditions.

"The next stage of development will be aimed at minimizing the impact of fish farming on the aquatic environment, i.e. the device will not only compensate for temperature deficiencies in fish cultivation, but also to remove the waste products of fish. The development of such devices is a trend in the field of aquaculture in Norway, Denmark and the United States," said the engineer of "Fishery resources", a graduate student of the Faculty of Biology and Ecology Sergei Yefremov.

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