Rashid Nurgaliev visited PetrSU’s IT-park

The under-secretary of the Russian Federation Security Council Rashid Nurgaliev visited PetrSU’s IT-park within the framework of the program to prepare to the 100th anniversary of the republic of Karelia

Acquaintance began in PetrSU’s Innovation technology park.

In the meeting rector of PetrSU A.V. Voronin described prospects of the institute’s development and carrying out of the project «Forming of the infrastructure of PetrSU’s innovation technology campus as a model of balanced development of science intensive sectors of economy and unique socio cultural and nature environment of the Republic of Karelia ». Campus will represent a number of technological platforms, which incorporate education, research, innovative activity and business. When creating, energy efficient, «intellectual» and «green» technologies will be used.

Rashid Gumarovich learnt about innovative developments, among which there are winners of XX International exhibition «High technologies.Innovations.Investments», which took place in saint-Petersburg in March.

R.G. Nurgaliev has studied at Petrozavodsk state university from 1974 to 1979 in the Faculty of Physical Engineering.

«I’ve always proudly said that I had studied in Petrozavodsk state university. There are professors and teachers of high level, good scientific basis, serious enrolment competition. We aspired to enter this university, many students, not able to stand anymore, left after the first session, there was a good selectivity. I want science to develop here. There are interesting people here. Very good innovation technologies, interesting developments, creation of techno park- that’s what we have once dreamt about. Fine people work here. There are fascinating solutions, which could be in demand not only in Karelia, but also in Russia. I can already see how it all integrate, scientific researchers are being approbated. That’s only confirmation of the fact, that PetrSU keeps up to date. I want to wish all the student and professors and teachers success».

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