Petrozavodsk State University has received 7 medals at the International exhibition-competition "Bioindustry"

Petrozavodsk State University participated in "Bioindustry", an International exhibition-competition of innovative biotechnological solutions for a wide use of living organisms, biological products and biotechnological systems in the industrial sector, which was held in St. Petersburg on October 14-16 at the St. Petersburg International Forum Health.

Petrozavodsk State University introduced 7 innovative projects in the following areas: biotech solutions for healthcare (medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, cosmetology), biotechnological solutions for food safety, biotechnology solutions for the renewal of wildlife resources (environmental, forest, water, agriculture).

Gold medals were awarded to projects: "Antigravity rehabilitation of Parkinson"s patients by method of dry immersion”, "New test system of differential diagnosis of cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer", "A method of early diagnosis of portal hypertension in chronic diffuse liver diseases", "Personalized multimineral biological active food supplement to correct elemental imbalance."

The project "A new way to verify the neuropathic component of chronic pain syndrome", "Feeding trough for fish farms ARC-5" and "Modular mini-farm for growing quail" were awarded silver medals.

The business program included conferences, seminars and discussions on problems of pharmacy and aesthetic medicine, modern medical centers and investment, cardio-respiratory support, and rapid diagnosis at the stages of emergency and acute care, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and spa treatment in orthopedics and traumatology, food biotechnology and the development of innovative projects in the field of biomedicine and biopharmaceutics and their commercialization.

The exhibition "Bioindustry" is an annual industry event aimed at effective cooperation between providers of scientific developments in the field of biotechnology and potential investors and manufacturers on a common platform in order to create innovative products in various industries.

The competition was organized by "ExpoForum-International" with the official support of the Government of St. Petersburg, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry of Agriculture.

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