Petrozavodsk State University presented its innovative developments and projects at "Open Russia. Days of the Republic of Karelia in Austria" (Vienna, Austria) and at the German Aerospace Center (Munich, Germany)

From 11 to 13 November 2015, Vienna hosted an exhibition of goods and services "Open Russia.

Days of the Republic of Karelia in Austria." The official visit included the authorities of the Republic of Karelia and representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises of the republic.

At the exhibition, PetrSU’s innovations in biotechnology and plasma physics were presented by the young scientist, lecturer of the Department of Information Measuring Systems and Physical Electronics, director of PetrSU’s small innovative enterprise LLC "NanoFarm" Alexander Semenov.

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Austria helped organize an internal meeting with representatives of the Austrian business.

The meeting included a presentation of the developments of "NanoFarm" and the biotechnology cluster of Petrozavodsk State University, which involves work on a number of projects with the participation of the physical and technical, ecological and biological faculties and the medical institute, supervised by the enterprise.

As a result of the meetings and negotiations with companies interested in co-operation, the parties signed an agreement with the Austrian company CTS regarding promotion of the university’s developments at the University of Technology in Austria. The parties discussed the possibilities of further cooperation of "Nanofarm" with “ImerysTalc” (Austria), the largest manufacturer of micro- and nanotalc for the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry, as well as with “MICROCOM” (Austria), which is engaged in the development and promotion of biotechnology in the field of timber industry, ecology, and alternative energy development.

An agreement was reached with A. Potemkin, the trade representative of Russia in Austria, regarding the possibility of holding negotiations on scientific and technical cooperation with enterprises in Austria.

At the end of his official visit to Austria A.Semenov did some training at the German Aerospace Center and met with representatives of complex plasma research in Munich (Germany). They discussed the results of previous joint research in the framework of international projects "Plasma Crystal - 3+" and "Plasma Crystal - 4" as well as the possibility of further scientific and technical cooperation with the Institute in the study of the physics of complex plasma. The training was carried out with the support of the strategic development program with a view to the improvement and development of domestic and international mobility of graduate students and young researchers and teachers of Petrozavodsk State University.

Terraplasma Gmbh (Munich, Germany), which is engaged in research and commercialization of its own development in the field of plasma medicine, was consulted about possible supply of specialized medical equipment for non-invasive treatment of diabetic foot with the assistance of "NanoFarm."

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