Mikhail Bolotin, the President of the Concern Tractor Plants Visited PetrSU

The President of the Concern Tractor Plants was introduced to the inventions of the Innovation and Technology Park of PetrSU, Nanocenter and the Engineering Center.

"This is my first visit to Petrozavodsk State University. We have discussed with our colleagues new areas of cooperation under the program. The key project concerns the prospects and possible creation of a technology park at the premises of the Onega Tractor Plant. There will be small innovative enterprises of the university, and new production enterprises of small business. This is our main project for 2017-2018," said Mikhail Bolotin to the Press Office of PetrSU.

In 2015 Petrozavodsk State University and the Concern Tractor Plants signed the agreement stipulating joint work on combining innovative, research, teaching, organizational, production and resource potentials of both parties in pursuit of joining efforts in updating the target system of continuous education and retraining of highly qualified personnel, carrying out research in priority areas of research and technological development of machine-building industry. The agreement provides for using modern research, testing and production equipment in the practical training of specialists, laboratory studies, engineering classes, and work experience internship at the premises of the Concern Tractor Plants.

The Concern Tractor Plants is the principal partner of PetrSU Engineering Center under the strategic program “Comprehensive Technology Solutions and Human Resourcing in Agricultural Industry, Forestry and Transport Engineering”.

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