Scientific Advancements of PetrSU

Petrozavodsk State University is the driving force of research in the Republic of Karelia. Every year it makes discoveries, implements dozens of research projects, hosts hundreds scientific events. On the Day of Russian Science, we sum up the research work done at the Flagship University of the Republic of Karelian in 2017.

In 2017 employers and students of PetrSU received 14 patents for inventions, 34 for utility models, 17 certificates of official registration of computer programs.

At the St. Petersburg Technical Fair-2017 PetrSU won 3 gold and 8 silver medals.

Mobile robotized platform “Vepr” developed by the small innovative enterprise “Unitronika” won the silver medal at the All-Russian contest “Best Innovative Project of the Year”.

Project “Continuous Sorting Machine” took the second place in the contest of developments made by student design bureaus and students research and development of the Flagship Universities.

The Institute of Medicine developed the blood simulator: a safe composition that can be used by students in the determination of blood group, Rh factor, glucose and cholesterol levels etc.

Scientists developed an innovative technology of computing containment of fishery models and a range of cages for industrial fish farming.

PetrSU website launched the pilot version of the electronic project of Media Reference “The Kizhi Island in Russian Literature”.

Scientific journal Issues of Analysis joined the Web of Science Core Collection, which is publicly available.

The Unknown Dostoevsky journal joined the ERIH PLUS.

The University hosted plenty conferences and scientific events, among which were the 13th All-Russian research and practice conference “Current Issues of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism in Northwestern Russia”, research and practice conference “Technocrats  Congress”, international winter school “Peace and Diplomacy in the North of Europe in the 21st Century”.

In 2017 the Student Scientific Conference of PetrSU gathered 4384 people: 3373 students and over 100 schoolchildren.

Senior research fellow of the Institute of High Biomedical Technologies of PetrSU, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Olga Kulakovskaya, the Associate Professor of the Department of Social Science and Social Work of PetrSU, head of the Student Science Club “Family Chronicler”, was elected the corresponding member of the International Academy of Genealogy.

PetrSU teacher Nikolai Kuldin, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, head of the Department of Power Supply of Enterprises and Energy Efficiency of the Institute of Physics and Technology became the winner of the grant contest of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation 2016/17.

Andrey Chalkin, Master Degree student of the Institute of Biology, Ecology and Agriculture Technologies (program “Ecology and Environmental Management”) won a grant of 300 000 rubles for the project in the development of building material on the basis of wood waste.

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