PetrSU Rector is a Member of the Official Delegation of Karelia to Finland

On June 7-8, 2018 the Head of the Republic of Karelia visited Helsinki (Finland).

The delegation included the members of the Government of the Republic of Karelia, businessmen, and representatives of the Flagship University of the Republic of Karelia.

Among the members of the delegation were the Rector of PetrSU Anatoly Voronin, the Advisor to the Rector Valery Shliamin, Director for Automation Systems Center of the Engineering Center of PetrSU Anton Shabaev, the Deputy Head of the Directorate for Innovation and Production of PetrSU Aleksey Shtykov.

The Karelian business community was represented by the directors and employees of the OOO Liteyny zavod Petrozavodskmash, OOO Petrozavodskmash Gorno-Mettalurgichesky compleks, OOO MB Barbell, the Engineering Center and the Automated Systems Center of PetrSU, OOO PK Zagotprom, OOO Torgovy Dom Yarmarka, Agricultural Customer Processing Marketing Association Yagody Karelii, OOO Mama Karelia, OOO Rybovodnoe knoziastvo Proladozhje and other companies.

The program of the visit includes meetings at the highest levels, at the line ministries of Finland, as well as business meetings in relevant Finnish associations and companies, namely at the Tekes Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, Valio company, East Office of Finnish Industries (unites largest Finnish investors working in Russia) and others.

Besides that, the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation to Finland will host a business seminar on the development of investment and trade cooperation between the Republic of Karelia and Finland. The Finnish colleagues will be presented economic and innovation capacities of the Republic of Karelia. The enterprises of Karelia and Finland will have an opportunity to discuss the strengthening of existent collaboration and the involvement of residents in a special economic zone Vartsila in the Republic of Karelia, as well as put forward proposals for new areas of mutually beneficial cooperation.

During the visit to Finland, the parties plan to sign several agreements, contracts, and memorandum of understandings.

The documents stipulate the development in the agricultural industry and business, innovative technologies and equipment manufacturing, housing and utility sector and solid municipal waste treatment.

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