PetrSU and Yarmarka Attend to Healthy Diet for People

Within the project “Research and Development of End-to-End Technology of Food Production for Food Safety Provision in the Northern Territories of Russia”, Petrozavodsk State University, the Flagship University of Karelia, and the Trading House Yarmarka opened a control and analysis laboratory for studying and evaluating the safety of materials and food products.

The opening ceremony featured the Rector of PetrSU Anatoly Voronin, Director General of Yarmarka Natalia Sokolova, the Head of Petrozavodsk City District Irina Miroshnik, employees of the university and the company.

The laboratory is one of the results of the first stage of the project supported by the federal target program “Research and Development in Priority Development Areas of Scientific and Technological Complex of Russia for 2014-2020” of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. The project is aimed at the improvement of food safety in the northern territories of Russia, import substitution of food functional products.

Within the project, the company produces dry mixes for easy preparation (breakfasts, lunches, dinners), preserved food (soups, appetizers), monoproducts (supplemented cereal and legume crops) etc.

These food products are intended to increase the well-being of citizens and military personnel residing and working in harsh climate and environment of the North of Russia.

The products are developed and produced on the basis of modern end-to-end technologies of preparation, storage, transport, and processing of domestic food raw materials.

Instant soups and meals supplemented with vitamins and minerals are produced using the modern methods of infrared drying and drying in vacuum under microwave radiation. The ultrasonic treatment of cereals and legumes with solutions containing mineral compounds provides equal distribution and consolidation of needed minerals within the product.

In order to perform a comprehensive chemical analysis of minerals, vitamins, and microelements, contained in food ingredients and functional products, the laboratory is fitted with cutting-edge equipment. The laboratory can define elements in the developed products and control the content of minerals, vitamins, and microelements at all stages, from raw materials to product cooked in the kitchen, which is in line with the end-to-end technology.

“The cooperation between PetrSU and the Yarmarka Company lasts 5 years. The interaction is carried out both in training the personnel and experimental research and development of innovative food products. For further development in this area, we have procured scientific equipment and designed two laboratories: “Control and Analysis Laboratory of Degustation and Evaluation of Safety of Raw Materials and Food Products” and “Research Laboratory of Degustation and Study of Organoleptical Properties of Ready Products and Development of Samples of Food Ingredients”. I am sure that all this will allow producing quality, wholesome, and delicious products for the citizens of our region, country and the world,” said Anatoly Voronin.

The Trading House Yarmarka is one of the leaders in the cereal market of Russia. It specializes in producing natural products for healthy eating: cereals from more than 50 grain and legume crops, quick-fix national dishes, flakes, and flour. The products are marketed in 58 regions of Russian, the CIS countries and foreign countries (Germany, Greece, Israel, Canada, the USA).

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