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"Russian StartUp Tour 2014" took place in PetrSU

According to the organizers of the action «Petrozavodsk was chosen to discover technological potential of the Karelian region, and the action was successful at this task. The Innovators of the Republic of Karelia were able to provide all the projects to the experts’ judge, and Petrozavodsk proved the status of the region, in which new technological enterprises can appear».

As the experts were the adviser of the president of the Fund «Skolkovo» Pekka Viljakainen, the manager of the development and acceleration group of the participants of the Fund «Skolkovo» Alexei Ermolin and other representatives of the development institutes.

According to the results of the intensive, but interesting and rich day, the winners of the "Russian StartUp Tour 2014" are: Oleg Leskunov (The development of the interactive simulator of virtual reality for the training and testing of the surgical interventions’ skills»); Anna Yakovleva («New photo catalytic filters for the air cleansing on the base of nanocomposite materials»); Dmitrii Ekimov («The analyzer of the drops’ size»).

Sergei Pashinskii («Systems of local positioning»), Dmitrii Ivanov («The virtualization of sim-card»), Igor’ Semenov («The platform of the competition selections’ automation») were rewarded with the special prizes from the Adviser of the president of the Fund «Skolkovo».

The PetrSU’s rector Anatolii Voronin congratulated the winners and the participants of the competition: «The main aim of today’s event – the selection of the projects, which will be financed by the Fund «Skolkovo». We offered more than 40 projects», about 17 of them were chosen in various areas: IT, nanotechnologies, fish industry, agrotechnics, biomedicine and s.o. StartUp Tour will allow the students , candidates and young professors and staff to represent their projects and to get the support, to learn how to represent the projects and to assert their points of view, to realize in what direction to move and what should be corrected for being successful in business».

«I would like to thank everyone, who took part in master classes, was a teacher and was an attendee of what was happening in different universities areas. The main aim is leading you to the thought of improving the work of your command, your project, self-presentation. Stay always inquisitive, continue teaching each other. You should be firmly convinced of your wish to conquer this world and to make your project the best one», - applied Pekka Viljakainen to the participants of "Russian StartUp Tour 2014".

«The event is very useful. We all are the staff of the university, that is why our attention is mainly directed to the scientific aspects. And correct presentation of the project always involves some difficulty from the point of view of the business. This school allows to acquire such skills», -shared his impression one of the competition’s winners Dmitrii Ekimov.

Dmitrii Ivanov collaborates with PetrSU, students of the university’s Faculty of Mathematics undergo the internship in his company «». Dmitrii represented at the contest the project «The cloud virtualization of sim-card »: «This project occurred spontaneously. I was determined, that it is necessary to introduce the global project for Skolkovo, which will be interesting not only in Russia, but also outside the country. I’m pleased, that my project is interesting not only to me, but to the StartUp Tour’s jury and participants. Now I’ll set off for the conference in Helsinki, which I have heard a lot about. I’m sure, it will be fascinating».

Igor Semenov said, that he participates in such event the first time. «The event is very useful, interesting, I met intelligent people », - noted he. Igor, as a PetrSU graduate, candidate of engineering science, the co-founder and manager of the project «К»- the cloud platform of any internet-competition, olympiad and expertise creation, addressed himself to the university’s graduates : «If you want to learn how to program well, you don’t need to go away to another cities. In our company professional programmers will teach how it is necessary to program for participating in working out of such scaling and unique services as our one, in our company you will have a successful career in programming». For his own part the owner of the special prize from the Adviser of the president of the Fund «Skolkovo»will face the participation in the startup-conference in Helsinki.

The team of the PetrSU’s budget monitoring Centre represented in the competition the project «Smart Career –Beginning 1С: Career-guide ». «Our project «Smart career. Beginning» is aimed at getting to every child, schoolchild that their inclinations and talents can be fulfilled in the labou-market. It is very important, that labour of the future worker will be high demand and at the same time his personalities should be taken into consideration», -enlightened Alexandra Kekkonen. «There is no doubt, that we will continue participating in such events. For us and for the PetrSU’s budget monitoring centre it is the first experience of taking part in startup. We were pleased by the format of the event, it allows to realize which nuances are needed to be noted, what to complete, in which direction to move, to exchange views and experience with other participants », - noted Ilya Pennie.

The student of the Faculty of Physical Engineering Andrei Varshukov was able to visit master-classes on the conducting of presentations and work in social networks and as well to visit the competition, in which the participants of the StartUp Tour represented their projects : «The experience of such events can be very useful. Today I have drawn out one significant thought: you should be proud of yourself and of you project. That is the main thing».

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