Cooperation between GS Nanotech and PetrSU

The Director General of GS Nanotech Evgeny Maslennikov told about trends in Russian microelectronics.

GS Nanotech is one of the principal partners of PetrSU in implementing projects in the area of microelectronics. It is the only Russian enterprise that develops and mass produces microprocessors for consumer electronics. PetrSU and GS Nanotech have been implementing joint projects since 2014; in the same year, PetrSU opened resource facility of GS Nanotech. The enterprise capacity allows serial production of up to 20 million microcircuits a year.

GS Nanotech acts as an industrial partner in projects implemented in the framework of the federal target project “Research and Development in Priority Areas of Scientific and Technological Complex of Russia for 2014-2020”:

Development of solid state drives and data storage systems with the use of integrated memory chips of large scale integration produced with the technology of 3D polycrystal packaging (uniqueness identifier RFMEFI58017X0009); development  of hybrid technology of producing polycrystal chips with simultaneous use of Flip-Chip and Wire Bond for developing national import substituting microelectronic modules of large scale integration (uniqueness identifier RFMEFI57718X0293).

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