PetrSU Entered the Top 30 and Became the First among Flagship Universities according to the Interfax Ranking

According to the results of the 10th annual national university ranking of the Interfax  Information Service Group, Petrozavodsk State University is on the leading positions among the universities of Northwestern Russia and the Flagship Universities of Russia.

In the Interfax ranking, PetrSU takes the first place in the overall ranking of the Flagship Universities, the 5th place among the universities of Northwestern Russia, the 28th place among all the universities of Russia.

The ranking is formed in the following areas: “Brand, educational activities”, “Research activities”, “Social environment”, “Internationalization (international cooperation), “Innovations and technological entrepreneurship”.

The positions of PetrSU among the Flagship Universities of Russia: “Internationalization” – the 1st place; “Education” – the 2nd place; “Innovations” – the 3rd place; “Brand” – the 4th place; “Socialization” – the 9th place.

The aim of the annual National Universities Ranking is an evaluation of activities of a modern university on par with the world’s best institutions, development of communication between the academic community and mass audience.

In 2019 the National Universities Ranking evaluated 327 leading universities of Russia, which is 39 universities more than in 2018. The ranking includes all categories of Russian universities: 29 national research universities, 10 federal, 33 Flagship, 21 universities included in the 5-100 Project. The ranking also featured 7 leading private universities.

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