Development of Cross-Border Cooperation within CULTA Projects

The Boiling Point – Petrozavodsk launched the summer business school “Creative Industries: Youth Projects”.

The event is organized within the projects CULTA – Cultural Training and Activation Initiative and BUSY – Business for Youngsters. Both projects are implemented in the framework of the Karelia CBC program and are financed by the European Union, Russia, and Finland.

The coordinator of the project is Oulu University of Applied Sciences; the partners are the Karelian Regional Institute of Continuing Professional Education of PetrSU, Karelian College of Culture and Arts, and South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences.

The school brought together young entrepreneurs from Russia and Finland. In the course of three days, over 50 people will develop their business idea, study business planning, marketing, basics of presentations, as well as gain experience of working in international teams.

The valuable information required for startups will be provided by experts from Russia and Finland. They will hold a series of lectures and seminars, will moderate work during practice, as well as offer their assistance in developing new business ideas and improving the existent ones.

Marina Gvozdeva, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs of PetrSU, welcomed the participants. She highlighted the features of the school:

“The uniqueness of the event is in its interdisciplinary nature. The school convened young people who are ready to work in an international team and develop cross-border cooperation between the two countries in culture and business. The common ground of the projects only strengthens the results of each of them.”

Marina Gvozdeva also noted the efficiency of the schools that allow their participants to quickly get acquainted with each other, share competencies, establish contacts, which bolsters development and implementation of cross-border youth projects, including those in the area of creative industries and business.

Katriina Klemola, senior teacher of Oulu University of Applied Sciences, coordinator of the CULTA project, expressed her hope that the school will help to establish steady international teams that will generate new business ideas on commercialization of the results of cultural (creative) activities, as well as develop and introduce pilot services in the areas of culture and creative industries.

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