«Internet-business-systems» Ltd

"Internet-Business-Systems" - an innovative company of Petrozavodsk State University.

The main goal of our company is the practical application (implementation) of the results of intellectual activity (computer programs, databases, inventions, etc..), The exclusive rights to which belong to Petrozavodsk State University (PSU).

To implement the projects implemented by our company, involved experts and researchers
Petrozavodsk State University. When carrying out work using modern techniques, high technologies, methodologies and solutions. All this allows you to create high-quality modern innovative software products to meet business needs.

We are engaged in the implementation of both standard solutions (including the development and maintenance of corporate websites, e-commerce, portals, based on the classic CMS, such as 1C-Bitrix and Wordpress), and development of information systems that automate various business processes, according to individual orders.
Services of company


     Sites, portals, online shopping
     Plug-ins, applications, modules, extensions
     Information systems, applications

Support and maintenance

     Website hosting servers
     domain Names


     Automated system for the creation of scientific electronic journals "SPRINT"


     Promotion (SEO)
     Contextual advertising
     Banner Advertising
     planning companies


     SEO-audit sites
     Usability-site audit
     security Audit
     Thematic research

Our contacts

Petrozavodsk State University
33, Lenin Ave., 185910, Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Russia
Tel: +7 (8142) 71-10-01, fax: +7 (8142) 71-10-00
Directorate for innovation
and production activity

31, Lenin Ave., Petrozavodsk
Tel: +7 (8142) 71-32-56