Bioindustry 2014
15-17 October 2014

Petrozavodsk State University took part in the IV International Exibition-conference «Bioindustry», which was held in Saint-Petersburg on 15-17 October within the frameworks of St.Petersburg international health forum.

Bioindustry 2014 is the annual industry event, complex of specialized exhibition, scientific and educational and business places, where biotechnological solutions, aimed at development of biosphere as a comfortable environment.

In the context of the congress program and exposition of an exhibition special attention was paid to the most perspective directions of biotechnological field such as biomedicine and biopharmaceutics.

Petrozavodsk State University presented 7 innovative projects in the directions of: biotechnological solutions for health protection, information and communication technologies in biosphere.

Innovative projects and developments of PetrSU took part in the competition of innovative biotechnological solutions, which was held within the framework of exhibition, and were highly estimated by tender commission.

The projects honoured wih golden medals were «Automated fry complex "AquaVita" (autoregulation of oxygen and temperature in cages)», «New biological activity of N-oxide quinolone derivatives» and «Technology of modification of physical and chemical properties of micro and nanodimensional bioobjects in noble-gas plasma for applications in the sphere of medicine and pharmacology».

Projects «New nonlinear parameters of electromyography in the diagnosis of schizophrenia» and « The method of diagnosing and prevention of breakdown of organism chronorhythm in the conditions of light pollution with the help of hormones and peptides of epiphysis » got silver medals.

Projects «Automated early warning system for risks of environmental threat and emergency situations in ponds» and « FishEnergy – biofuel out of fish offal» were marked with certificates.

In the context of business program were held conferences, seminars and discussions devoted to problems of development biotechnologies infrastructure creation, formation and realization of prior innovative and investment projects, solving of actual social and economic, energetic, ecological and other problems of the country by ways and means of biotechnologies, perfection of legal, economic, informational and organizational framework for biotechnologies development.

The project, organized by the company «Expoforum-International», was held with official support of Saint-Petersburg Government, RF Ministry of Industry and Trade, RF Ministry of Health, RF Ministry of Economic Development, RF Ministry of Education and Science and RF Ministry of Agriculture.

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Awards and achievements

  • 3 gold and 2 silver medals at the competition competition of innovative biotechnological solutions.

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