International forum EuroNorth2014

p14057_3b.jpgPetrozavodsk State University hosted the international forum "EuroNorth 2014" "Classic University of transborder space in the European North: the strategy of innovative development". It was attended by more than 500 people, including more than 50 foreign participants from 16 countries. Among them are scientists, researchers and experts from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Canada, USA, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, participants from countries near and far abroad, with whom the university is developing contacts in the direction of teaching foreign students and exchange programs: students and experts from the CIS countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan), students from Yemen studying at PetrSU. The geography of the Russian participants of the forum is vast: representatives of universities, academic and educational organizations, NGOs and businesses from 20 Russian cities, ranging from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Izhevsk and Krasnoyarsk, from Murmansk to Rostov-on-Don. The activities of the Forum were joined by representatives of cities and towns of the Republic of Karelia (Segezha, Sortavala, Olonets, Kostomuksha, Kondopoga, Prionezhsky, Pryazhinsky, Kondopozhsky municipalities).

p14057_9b.jpgThe importance of the International Forum “EuroNorth 2014" for Petrozavodsk State University, Republic of Karelia and cross-border cooperation in the North of Europe was highlighted by Head of the Office for innovation and industrial activity O. Derbeneva: "It’s the first time PetrSU has held such an event, which incorporated a large number of events devoted to key aspects of innovation development, educational and scientific activities of classical universities and their role in the development of border areas of Northern Europe in three main areas: development tools for transboundary cooperation, high technology and scientific and technical innovation in solving problems of sustainable development of border regions, humanitarian and social aspects of the universities in the transborder area in Northern Europe. "

The forum was held with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on the basis of Petrozavodsk State University in the framework of the event "Development of demonstration and popularization of science" of the federal target program "Research and development in priority areas of scientific and technological complex of Russia for 2014-2020".

Forum “EuroNorth 2014" focuses on the role and importance of classical university in transboundary areas of Northern Europe, the development of international cooperation. Its main task is to expand the professional interaction of Russian and foreign research communities, to review the existing capacity and technological advance in the various subject areas of classical university, to hold expert discussion of global trends in the development of scientific fields prospective for the European North.


The Forum topics included a wide range of issues from pedagogy to nanotechnology, which is due to the fact that the forum is devoted to the activities of classical university. What is a classical university? It brings together all the key areas of training and research for the region, so it is important to consider factors of influence on the activities of the university system on the socio-economic development of the European North.

The major events of the forum included plenary and breakout sessions of the conference, scientific and practical seminars, scientific workshops, panel discussions, lectures, master classes. Section of the International Scientific Conference "Scientific and technological innovation and high technology: solutions for today"s challenges of sustainable development of border regions in the North of Europe" were devoted to developments in the field of environmental management, biomedicine, information and network technologies, innovative entrepreneurship, ways of formation of innovative clusters and investment processes in the Republic of Karelia. The academics discussed the development of the innovation chain, i.e. the transition from fundamental and applied research to the introduction of innovative solutions in the industry.

The International Scientific Workshop "Breakthrough nanotechnologies for high-tech industries of European North" addressing the development of nanotechnology, creating a new industry in the region - oxide nano-electronics, the future nano-center and research institute of oxide electronics at the University.

The perspective associated with the influence of the universities on the development of humanitarian and social spheres was discussed by the participants of the International Scientific School "Nordic research: politics, economy, society" in seminars, panel discussions and lectures. The topics of the academic school were dedicated to humanities, linguistics and philology; Written Artefacts of Karelia; history of Russian-Finnish relations; peace and security in the European North; instruments of cross-border cooperation in Northern Europe; the development of social policy in the Arctic territory of Russia; interests of the indigenous people; border culture in Russia and the Scandinavian countries.

PetrSU is one of the recognized centers of research in the field of continuing education in Russia, and the international academic practical seminar "Development of new forms of continuing education and a healthy lifestyle for children and adults: international and regional contexts" aroused great interest and gathered more than 200 representatives of educational institutions, NGOs, institutions of further education authorities, Russian and foreign researchers and professionals involved in the formation and development of health technologies.

At various events the forum included 147 papers and presentations. PetrSU released a collection of materials, containing 108 articles and abstracts by participants of the international forum.

For PetrSU, the forum is particularly valuable because it summed up the great work done by the university in the framework of the strategic development and innovation infrastructure development programs, which also outlined new priorities for education, research and innovation together with our Russian and foreign partners ".

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