ITC of engineering in the field of element base, electronic devices and network technology

The director: Stefanovich Genrih Boleslavovich

Aim: commercialization of innovative scientific elaborations, results of intellectual activity, applied scientific researches of innovative scientific elaborations, protection of the intellectual activity’s results.

Contacts: 31, Lenin St., Petrozavodsk,185910;

Directions of activity:

The aim of the ITC’s activity is the increase of the applied scientific researches’ quality and the development of the innovative and entrepreneurial activity in the field of creation of elemental basis, electronic devices and network technologies; the development of innovative and technological infrastructure of PetrSU.

Directions of activity: elemental basis of unsilicic micro and nano electronics, network wire and wireless technologies, models and methods of network control, storage area networks, wire and wireless systems of data collection in distributed networks, automated systems for the scientific researches, automated systems of information handling and control, micro and radio-electronic devices with the use of wireless means of information transmission, information measuring technics technologies of new material’s getting, including nano technologies.

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Directorate for innovation
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